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Sinharaja Forest Reserve | Day Tour

Sinharaja Rain Forest - Sri Lanka
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About Sinharaja RainForest.

The word Sinharaja means lion (Sinha) king (raja) and the popular belief is that the legendary origin of the Sinhala people in Sri Lanka is from the descendants of the union the lion king who once lived in the forest and a princess. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is one of the least disturbed and biologically unique lowland rain forests now remaining in Sri Lanka.

This forest covers an extent of approximately 11187 ha. From east to west the length of the forest is about 21 km. And its width from north to south is about 3.7 km. The Sinharaja forest was initially declared a Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) in 1978, as representative of the Tropical Humid Evergreen Forest ecosystem in Sri Lanka and has been recognized by UNESCO as part of its International Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Subsequently, it was declared a National Wilderness Area, under the National Heritage Wilderness Area Act, in 1988 and lately a World Heritage Site in 1989. It is Sri Lanka’s first natural resource to earn this esteemed distinction. This forest is situated in the southwest lowland Wet Zone of the country at latitudes 6 21- 6 26 and longitudes 80 21- 80-34. It spans over the administrative districts of Ratnapura, Galle, and Matara.

Sinharaja forest consists of a series of continuous ridges, aligned approximately in an east-west direction and lies between the tributaries of the Kalu Ganga in the north and the Gin Ganga in the south.

Where are the main routes of access to Sinharaja?

  • Kalawana- Weddagala road from the northwest,
  • Rakwana-Morning side estate road from the northeast,
  • Hiniduma-Neluwa road from the southwest Deniyaya-Pallegama road from the southeast.

Among these roads, the Kalawana-Weddagala road is shorter and more convenient for visitors traveling from Colombo.

What we can experience in Sinharaja?


  • 75% of the mammal species endemic to Sri Lanka occur in Sinharaja


  • Over 150 species of birds have been recorded from Sinharaja


  • 19 species of freshwater fish species inhabiting the streams and rivers in Sinharaja,


  • 60% of trees in Sinharaja are endemic and many of them are rare.
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  • Specialized bilingual guide
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  • Box lunch water, banana apple and chocolate
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Sinharaja Rain Forest - Sri Lanka


When and where does the tour end?
Your tour will conclude in San Francisco on Day 8 of the trip. There are no activities planned for this day so you're free to depart at any time. We highly recommend booking post-accommodation to give yourself time to fully experience the wonders of this iconic city!
When and where does the tour start?
Day 1 of this tour is an arrivals day, which gives you a chance to settle into your hotel and explore Los Angeles. The only planned activity for this day is an evening welcome meeting at 7pm, where you can get to know your guides and fellow travellers. Please be aware that the meeting point is subject to change until your final documents are released.
Do you arrange airport transfers?
Airport transfers are not included in the price of this tour, however you can book for an arrival transfer in advance. In this case a tour operator representative will be at the airport to greet you. To arrange this please contact our customer service team once you have a confirmed booking.
What is the age range?
This tour has an age range of 12-70 years old, this means children under the age of 12 will not be eligible to participate in this tour. However, if you are over 70 years please contact us as you may be eligible to join the tour if you fill out G Adventures self-assessment form.


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